Museum of the Great Southern

Museum of the Great Southern

Museum of the Great South­ern pro­vides ex­hibit­ions, public pro­grams, educa­tion­al pro­grams and info­rma­tion on the un­ique natur­al and soci­al hist­ory of the region.

Refurb­ish­ed in July 2010, the refitt­ed museum over­looks pictur­esque Princess Royal Harb­our, on the site of first European settle­ment in West­ern Australia.

The Museum shares stor­ies of the indigen­ous Noongar people and the influ­ence of Mokare, a young Noongar warrior, as well as the stor­ies of the early settlers and con­victs, and also ex­plores the region's un­ique natur­al landscape, flora and fauna.

updated 13/04/2022

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