Privacy Policy

The sensationalsouthcoast.com.au website is opera­ted by Sensational South Coast, ACN 67 129 024 577, loca­ted in Albany, West­ern Australia.

Sensational South Coast is com­mit­ted to pro­vid­ing a qual­ity service. This policy outlines our ongo­ing obligations on how we manage your Per­sonal In­form­­ation.

The National Privacy Principles (NPPs) govern how we collect, use, dis­close, store, secure and dis­pose of your Per­sonal In­form­­ation. A copy of these can be obtained from www.privacy.gov.au.

We re­cord non-identify­ing in­form­­ation about your visit to this website for statisti­cal purposes.

We collect per­son­ally identify­ing in­form­­ation about you if you choose to re­gister as a visitor, or you make an en­quiry about a pro­duct or service. Some features of the website re­quire you to be signed in, and therefore for you to pro­vide per­sonal in­form­­ation to do so.

If you make an en­quiry about a pro­duct or service, we collect con­tact de­tails, such as your name, email address and phone number. If your en­quiry re­l­ates to some­thing pro­vided by a third party, you con­s­ent for us to pro­vide your con­tact de­tails to that third party. We do ask for or, or store, credit card de­tails. Third parties will have their own policies re­gard­ing your per­sonal in­form­­ation.

If you re­gister as a visitor, we will collect your name, email address and phone number, and pre­ferences for using our website. You may also opt in to re­ce­ive a newsletter.

You can update these de­tails at any time. We only store the curr­ent vers­ion of these de­tails.

While signed in, we use a browser cookie to apply your pre­ferences to the website. This cookie is not re­quired for anonym­ous use and ex­pires when you leave the site.

We will use your stored de­tails and pre­ferences to auto­m­ate aspects of our website, fill in en­quiry forms for you, gener­ate pric­ing for your fami­ly group, hide or dis­play suggestions, add your name to a notice or com­­ment, etc.

Ex­cept as outlined above, we do not dis­close or sell your per­sonal in­form­­ation to third parties.

Your Per­sonal In­form­­ation is stored in a manner that re­asonab­ly pro­tects it from misuse, loss or from un­author­ised access, modific­ation or dis­clos­ure.

When no longer re­quired, your Per­sonal In­form­­ation will be de­stroyed or de­-identified. Data to and from our server is en­cryp­ted.

You may re­quest access to in­form­­ation we hold about you to update it or correct it. We may re­quire identific­ation from you before re­leas­ing it.

We will dis­close per­sonal in­form­­ation to law en­force­ment if re­quired to do so.

This policy may change from time to time.

Article updated 14/02/2019.