Apex Lookout

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Apex Lookout

Apex Look­out pro­vides a con­veni­ent platform to view swee­ping, pan­ora­mic views of Mid­dle­ton Beach, King George Sound and the dis­t­ant Stirl­ing Ranges.

Prior to World War 2, there was only a steep track to the summit of Mount Clar­ence. The Apex Club of Albany organ­ised the build­ing of a road so the general public could access the spect­acular views from the summit by car.

The pro­ject received just over 1800 pounds in public donations, and 1878 man hours of labour were pro­vided by volunteers to remove trees and boulders. Bulldozers took 253 hours to shift the 920 cubic metres of gravel used to build the 1.4 km long road.

Apex Drive was offici­ally opened in March 1955 by Mayor Denis Robinson, whose car was the first to use the new road.

Today the look­out is part of Albany's Herit­age Park and was included in the 2013 up­grade of the histori­cal pre­cinct. Apex Look­out is loca­ted on Apex Drive, midway between the Avenue of Honour and Desert Corps Mem­orial on Mount Clar­ence.

Article updated 22/03/2016.