Ataturk Entrance

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Ataturk Entrance

Ataturk Ent­r­ance is the water­way between King George Sound and the Port of Albany, named in honor of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the foun­der of the modern Turk­ish Republic and it's first pre­sid­ent.

Ataturk was an army com­­man­der in Galipoli in 1915. His leader­ship, strategy and abil­ity to inspire his troops, made him dec­is­ive in oppo­sing the ANZAC forces.

After WWI he became a national­ist leader, bring­ing swee­ping changes to politi­cal, econo­mic and legal systems that brought Turkey on par with twentieth century west­ern countr­ies.

he was known as a hero to his people, an extra­ordin­ary leader and peacemaker.

Turkey became an independ­ent republic in 1923, with Ataturk as its first pre­sid­ent. During his 15 year rule he was known as a hero to his people, an extra­ordin­ary leader and peacemaker.

During the 1934 dawn service, Ataturk delivered a heartfelt speech honour­ing the ANZAC troops 'Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives. You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore rest in peace.' This cemen­ted the peace between our nations, remov­ing the threat of further con­flict.

The mem­orial to Ataturk, a bronze statue upon a limestone globe, over­looks the Ent­r­ance. Designed by Burhan Alkar, it was ded­ica­ted on 25th April, 2001. Oppo­site, a small look­out gives a pan­ora­mic view of the water­way.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk passes the mem­orial and offers out­stand­ing views of King George Sound and Princess Royal Harb­our. The channel itself being only 145 metres wide gives im­pre­ss­ive views of the vessels ent­er­ing and leav­ing the Port.

Ellen Cove Boardwalk

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