Emu Point Beach

Emu Point Beach

Emu Point Beach is a popular family friendly swim­ming spot, locat­ed approxim­ately 7 km north-w­est of the centre of Albany.

With facili­ties such as shad­ed, grassy lawns, picnic tables, barbecue areas, a children's playground, toi­lets and plen­ty of park­ing, Emu Point Beach is the per­fect picnic spot for locals and visitors alike.

Par­ents can relax under the shady trees while keep­ing an easy eye on children.

Parents can relax under the shady trees while keep­ing an easy eye on children enjoy­ing the shelter­ed and shallow turquo­ise waters of Emu Point.  A large pontoon struct­ure is locat­ed just off the beach and is used during Summer holidays for swim­ming lessons and laps.

Nearby are a caravan park, friendly cafe, small boat marina, boat ramp and rocky groynes which are great places to try some fish­ing.

A cycle­way winds its way around Emu Point and leads 4 km south to Mid­dle­ton Beach, with views of the ocean and nearby golf course.  The south­ern beach ex­tends all the way to Mid­dle­ton Beach and is popular with beach wanderers and seashell collectors.

Emu Point is adjac­ent to the channel link­ing Oyster Harb­our with King George Sound and the South­ern Ocean.

updated 01/11/2019