Avenue of Honour

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Avenue of Honour

The Avenue of Honour is a grove of trees plan­ted as a mem­orial to local soldiers who fell in times of war.

Origin­ally, Mid­dle­ton Road featured the Avenue of Honour. Plan­ted in 1921 as a mem­orial to soldiers of World War 1, it had suffered con­si­der­able damage by the 1950s with many trees in a danger­ous state and requir­ing removal.

...each tree com­mem­orat­ing a single soldier

In 1955 while Apex Drive was being con­struc­ted, Ross Steel, a WWI veteran sugges­ted relocat­ing the Avenue to the new road, and ex­pan­d­ing the grove to repres­ent those who also fell during World War 2 and the Korean War.

In 1956, the Albany RSL and Apex Clubs joined to plant a new grove of Eucalyptus Robusta trees, with each tree com­mem­orat­ing a single soldier. Orig­inal plaques were refurbished and reloca­ted, and new ones added for later con­flicts.

Today, the Avenue is main­tained by ded­ica­ted Albany RSL volunteers. The Avenue of Honour is loca­ted on Apex Drive and is part of the Albany Herit­age Park pre­cinct.

Article updated 29/10/2016.