Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.

Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.668 x 380 px. 107.0 Kb.


Display Advertising

Dis­play Advertis­ing sends people to the Facebook Page or website you already own.

If you own a small business, you pro­bab­ly already have a website or Facebook page. If you're into tourism, there are lots of options for you. What about everyone else?

If your business is one of the major­ity that isn't aimed at tourism, we can help reach the kind of customers you need: people who live here.

Sensational South Coast is the largest online directory in the re­g­ion, with over 2,400 local businesses and com­mun­ity groups. It covers Albany, De­nmark, Mount Barker, Walpole and areas in between.

Our re­aders can search for whatever they need, in­clud­ing prod­ucts and services offered by you. Our focus is to pro­mote every small businesses loca­ted here.

Our re­aders are people who live in, or are plann­ing to visit, this re­g­ion. On aver­age, we have between 30-500 people using our site at any one time, who view between 5,000-15,000 dis­play adverts per day. Advertis­ing with us can send some of those people to the website you already own.

Display Advertis­ing sends people to the Facebook page or website you already own.

We can make you a pro­fessional, eye-catch­ing advert that sends people to the Facebook page or website you already own. As we advert­ise only local businesses, re­aders find our adverts more meaningful. With only one advert per page, your advert is the only one a re­a­der will see.

Advertis­ing with us makes econo­mic sense too. Com­pared to a similar sized advert in a local week­ly newspaper, our Advertis­ing Starter Pack is about 14% cheaper per re­ader* and can last much longer than a week­ly issue. We don't have load­ing fees to appear in a specific sect­ion or the front page. Dis­counts are avail­able as your advertis­ing in­creases.

We offer a simple pay-per-view way to reach people who are nearby. At $55, an Advert Starter Pack will get you going. This in­cludes a basic static advert and 10,000 im­pre­ssions. You'll need to top up your im­pre­ssions to con­tinue advertis­ing.

Our system can manage your advert auto­matic­ally, or it can be set to match specific re­quire­ments. You can even manage this yourself if you wish. Vari­ous con­trols and statistics are pro­vided to help you. Featured Business pages do not show adverts.

Features Inc
Professional, eye-catching advert
Only 1 advertisement per page
Automatic Advert Controls
Can include Front Page
Flexible Targeting
Campaign Controls
Cost Controls
Pay-Per-View pricing
Clicks and Views statistics
Use existing Facebook or web page
Can be self managed


Starter Pack: $55, in­cludes 10,000 im­pre­ssions to get you going. How long your im­pre­ssions last will vary acc­ord­ing how your ad is targe­ted, if you set a daily limit, other ads in rota­tion and the total traffic to our website. We can help you con­fig­ure your advertis­ing to meet your prom­o­tion re­quire­ments and budget.

Impression Packs Per View Price
Starter Pack (Advert + 10,000) 0.05c ea $55.00
+ 1,000 impressions 0.05c ea $5.00
+ 5,000 impressions 0.045c ea $22.50
+ 20,000 impressions 0.04c ea $80.00
+ 50,000 impressions 0.035c ea $175
+ 100,000 impressions 0.03c ea $300

Notes: *Based on equival­ent 12 ccm dis­play advert with local week­ly newspaper, with 16,000 re­adership, charg­ing $8.61 per ccm casual rate.

Article updated 15/07/2019.