Saint Johns Church

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St John's Anglican Church

The Church of Saint John the Evangel­ist became West­ern Australia's first con­secra­ted church on 25th October 1848 when Bishop Short led a ceremony attended by the entire town.

From orig­inal plans first drawn up in 1840, the church rapidly took shape using local stone, cut from Mount Clar­ence and handcraf­ted sheoak shingles. In 1849, the main bell, cast by Thos Meares of London who also cast Big Ben and bells of Westminster, was installed.

Today, St, John's Church con­tinues as a living venue pro­vid­ing church services to the local com­munity.

The Rectory, loca­ted just behind the church, was con­struc­ted in 1850 with the upper floor added in 1875. In 1884, work began on the Parish Hall, next door. This was com­­ple­ted 3 years later. The organ, built by Hill & Son at a cost of 160 pounds, was installed in 1891.

Other additions include the Crucifix­ion Window added in 1912, the Lady Chapel in 1961, the Sanctu­ary in 1968 and Tubular Bells installed recently in 2010.

Today, St, John's Church con­tinues as both a historic church, with a rich history and trad­ition, and as a living venue pro­vid­ing church services to the local com­mun­ity. It's pleas­ant gardens make the St. John's a popular wedd­ing venue, or for quiet con­temp­la­tion in a rest­ful sett­ing.

Saint's John's Church is loca­ted on lower York Street in the centre of the city and is open to the public Monday to Saturday from 10 am till 2 pm.

Article updated 29/10/2016.