Stony Hill

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Stony Hill

Stony Hill, the high­est point in To­rndirrup National Park, offers spect­acular 360-degree views of the City of Albany, Princess Royal Harb­our, Eclipse Island and King George Sound.

During World War 2, Stony Hill was the loca­tion of a Royal Australian Navy Signal Stat­ion featur­ing a look­out tower and signal mast. In 1943, this was up­graded to an RAAF Air Warn­ing Radar Stat­ion which opera­ted until 1945. Remnants of this can still be seen at the top of the hill.

Today, the Stony Hill Herit­age Tail is part of the West­ern Australian Herit­age Trails network. Its 500m circuit begins at the car park and winds its way through stone giants and heathland featur­ing a dazzl­ing assort­ment of local flora, includ­ing the rare albany woolly-bush, swamp yate, vari­ous banksias, native rosem­ary, banj­ine and thick-leafed fan flower.

Stone giants and heathland feat­ure a dazzl­ing assort­ment of local flora.

Wildflower season during Spring gives the best dis­play. Inter­pre­t­ive plaques along the trail show the thoughts of the orig­inal ex­plorers and settlers.

Stony Hill is loca­ted off French­man Bay Road and is acc­ess­ible by most vehicles. The trail is mostly level, but some climb­ing is required to reach the summit for the best views. Bush walk­ing attire and binoculars are recommended.

Article updated 29/10/2016.