Cookie Policy

Like many web sites, we use cook­ies.  This policy sets out why we use cook­ies, how we use them, and the info­rma­tion con­tain­ed in them.  Every web site will have its own policy.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a tiny text file stor­ed on your device, that web sites use to recogn­ise you between visits.  When­ever you access a web site that uses cook­ies, the cookie identif­ies you in some way.

Why we use Cookies

We use a cookie to remember that you have sign­ed in.  If you are not sign­ed in, we don't put any cook­ies on your devices.

What we store in the Cookie

When you sign in, we assign a un­ique number to you.  The number changes each time you sign in, but it's always un­ique to you.  No other info­rma­tion is stor­ed in the cookie.

Cookies can be Disabled

Every web browser has the option to turn off cook­ies.  See your browser's help page for how to do this.

On our site, dis­abl­ing cook­ies will pre­v­ent you from sign­ing in.  You'll still be able to use our site anonymously, but some features that require you to be sign­ed in won't be avail­able.

Signing Out

Sign­ing out cancels the cookie.

Sign­ing in on a differ­ent device will replace the cookie with a new one.  For secur­ity, you can only sign in with one device at a time.

Data Encryption

Our web­­site uses SSL encryp­tion.

When you sign in, your username and password are encrypt­ed before being sent to us.  The cookie we send back is also encrypt­ed.

We do not store sens­itive info­rma­tion such as your address, date of birth, credit card number or ident­ity docu­ments on our site.


We use our own advert­ising network, that only advertises local businesses.

Our advert­ising system is not con­nect­ed to Google, Facebook or any other system.  We do not pass on any third party cook­ies that may be used to track you, or pro­f­ile your behavi­our.  Using our web site will not cause advert­ising to appear elsewhere.

Other Websites

We do not share cook­ies with other web sites.

When you follow a link to another web site, be aware they each site has their own policy about cook­ies and privacy.

Your Agreement

We reserve the right to vary our Cookie Policy from time to time.  Changes are effect­ive as soon as they are announc­ed.

By con­tinu­ing to use, you agree to abide by the policy at the time.

Please read our Privacy Policy for further info­rma­tion.

updated 11/07/2023