Brig Amity Replica
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Brig Amity Replica

The arriv­al of the Brig Amity in 1826 marks the beginn­ing of European settle­ment in West­ern Australia.

The Journey

In the early 1800's the New South Wales Govern­ment saw a need to est­abl­ish a milit­ary out­post on the west coast to counter French ambit­ions.  A settle­ment party was assembl­ed and the Amity dis­patch­ed from Sydney on the 9th November 1826.

After a difficult 6 week journey through rough seas and the swelter­ing summer sun, the Amity arriv­ed in King George Sound on Dec­ember 25th, 1826.

On board were Major Edmund Lockyer, 19 soldiers, 23 con­vict trades­men, a storekeeper, and the ship's own crew led by Lt.  Colson Fest­ing, together with sup­pl­ies and equip­ment for 6 months, includ­ing sheep and pigs.

On Dec­ember 26th, the party land­ed and began the settle­ment of Frederickstown, named in honour of Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.  Renam­ed 'Albany' in 1831, the settle­ment pre­-d­ates Perth by 2 years.

The Amity con­tinu­ed life as a priv­ate vessel around Tasmania until she was wreck­ed in Bass Strait on an un­chart­ed sandbank in 1845.

The Replica

In 1972, the idea of an Amity Replica was pro­pos­ed as the focal point of celebrat­ions of the 150th annivers­ary of the Brig's arriv­al.

After much dis­cus­sion, info­rma­tion sourc­ed by historian Les Johnson and fund­ing approv­ed by Feder­al, State and local govern­ment, con­struc­tion began in 1975.

The replica was built using designs, tech­niques and mat­erials similar to those used in the early 1800s.

Local boat buil­der Stan Austin and shipwright Pieter van der Brugge lead the con­struc­tion with help from a team of local crafts­men.

The replica was built using designs, tech­niques and mat­erials similar to those used in the early 1800s.  Natur­al bush timbers were sourc­ed for many parts of the ship, with much time spent find­ing the right mat­erials.

On board, an inter­act­ive audio tour helps you ex­plore the fascinat­ing hist­ory of WA's first settle­ment.

updated 20/07/2023