Little Beach

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Local Gem
Sensational South Coast

Little Beach

Little beach is a mag­nific­ent sheltered beach loca­ted approxim­ately 35 km east of Albany, near Two People's Bay Nature Reserve.

One of West­ern Australia's most prist­ine beaches, Little beach is renowned for its crystal clear turquo­ise waters and brilli­ant powd­ery white sand.

The sheltered waters are per­fect for diving and under­water photo­graphy, featur­ing a wealth of sea life, sponges, plate coral and granite form­ations, with good visibil­ity of around 20m. The beach is surrounded by granite headlands and green coastal heath.

A per­fect place for a swim, romantic stroll or family picnic, Little Beach also pro­vides great views to­wards Mt Man­ypeaks and Waychinicup National Park to the north.

One of West­ern Australia's most prist­ine beaches.

To­ilets are con­veniently loca­ted to the left of the path from the car park. Drink­ing water is not avail­able. Take care as king waves are a frequ­ent danger along this part of the coast.

Article updated 29/10/2016.