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The Sensa­tion­al South Coast has a huge range of acc­ommoda­tion options to suit all needs, from a romantic villa for two, to spac­ious family apart­ments or a cosy camp­site for a weekend geta­way.

The region features modern ameni­ties, herit­age list­ed venues, farm stays for a taste of country living and peace­ful forest retreats.  Every style and budget is cater­ed for, from modest acc­ommoda­tion to 5 star luxury.

Albany pro­vides the larg­est selec­tion and is a centr­al place to begin ex­plor­ing the region.  Denmark and Walpole pro­vide more seclud­ed and eco friendly options near to forests and the coast.  Mount Barker is clos­est to the wine grow­ing areas and nearby Porongorup and Stirl­ing Ranges.

What you'll find here:

Bed & Breakfasts, Campgrounds, Caravan Parks, Holiday Resorts, Hostels, Hotels, Mobile Homes, Motels and Servic­ed Apart­ments.