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Shop Local Competitions

Win a prize and help a local busi­ness at the same time!

We run com­petit­ions to sup­port local businesses, by buying goods and services from them and offer­ing them as prizes.

Here's our theory: We need to advert­ise, like any busi­ness. We could spend $50 on a Facebook Ad, which would work, but doesn't help anyone else. Instead, we spend that same $50 on a voucher for some­­thing from a local busi­ness, and offer that as a prize. The busi­ness gets a sale, you get to win $50 of some­­thing useful and we still get our advert­ising result. Every­one gets some­­thing and hopefully keeps local people em­ploy­ed. Much better!

Here's how it works:

  • People tell us what they'd like to win
  • We purchase it from a local busi­ness
  • We offer it as a prize to our readers
  • Entry is free, but you need to sign in

Prizes are currently chosen by Sensa­tion­al South Coast. As we get more feedback from our readers, prizes should be more specific to what people would like to win. We don't plan to sup­port businesses out­side the region or large chain stores, un­­less run by a local franchisee.

If you have a sugges­tion for a prize, or own a small busi­ness and are inter­­est­ed in being involv­ed, please con­tact us.

Does it cost anything to enter?:Entry is free.
How many times can I enter?:You can enter each competition once.
Do I have to be registered to enter?:Yes, you'll need to sign in to enter.
Will I have to agree to a newsletter?:No. We'll send you an email if you win.
Does the business donate the prize?:Not al all. We buy it from them!
Does the business have to advertise?:It's not necessary. They can if they like.
How long do competitions run for?:Usually a week. Sometimes this varies.

Article updated 29/10/2020.

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