Market Listings

Marketplace Listings

A free Marketplace List­ing is avail­able for every busi­ness, club or organisa­tion locat­ed within the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

Listing features:

  • name, address and phone number of your organisation
  • links to your email and web page
  • a description of what you do
  • everything can be searched
  • you can manage it yourself
  • listings are free

List­ings are shown alpha­betic­ally, after pro­duct results and feat­ure pages.  Organisa­tion must be local to the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

You may already be listed:

We auto­mat­ic­ally list every busi­ness we find.  If you have a physi­cal store or pro­min­ent online pre­s­ence, chances are our Ex­plorers have already found you.  Do a quick search to see if you're already list­ed.

Create your own listing:

  • sign in - you may need to register first
  • tap My Listings to see your listings
  • tap Add New Listing to make a new listing
  • fill in the form

Once approv­ed, your list­ing will appear in a suit­able categ­ory.  You can up­d­ate it at any time.

We can do it for you:

Want to know more?

Con­tact us for more info­rma­tion, or if you can sign in, order a list­ing below.

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updated 05/10/2023

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