Featured Business

Featured Business
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Featured Business

New busi­ness? New pro­duct or service? Become a Featur­ed Busi­ness to keep people info­rm­ed.

Advertorials Include:

  • 30 days pro­mo­tion as a featur­ed busi­ness
  • photo of your new busi­ness, pre­mises or prod­ucts
  • 500 word mag­azine-style article describ­ing what's new
  • advert­ise a speci­al offer with a print­able coupon
  • links to your main web­­site or Facebook page
  • address and con­tact details
  • con­tact enquiry form
  • free direct­ory list­ing

As a featur­ed busi­ness, you will be pro­minently dis­play­ed near the top of the page as an invit­ing image card, both under your relev­ant topic and in all search results.

Your busi­ness will be mark­ed as "New", appear in "What's New" searches, and peri­odic­ally chosen to be pro­mot­ed on the front page of our site.

Advertorials appear early in search results, directly under prod­ucts. Featur­ed pages are sort­ed alpha­betic­ally.

If you run a speci­al offer, this will appear on your page, visible by every­one, and in the coupon book avail­able to signed-in visitors. Coupons are print­able.

Advertorials can be up­grad­ed at a later time to add more features and make changes yourself.

How To Get Your Advertorial:

Con­tact Us:

Send your details to sales@sensationalsouthcoast.com.au to organ­ise your advertori­al.

If you don't have a suit­able image or text handy, we can take a photo and write the article for you. We'll also make the print­able coupon for you too.

Frequently Asked Quest­ions

What does an advertori­al cost?
$30 for 30 days.
When will my page appear?
We'll dis­cuss this with you when we make your advertori­al.
Do I have to sign-in?
Advertorials are made for you, so you don't need to sign in if you don't want to.
Can I manage my advertori­al?
You'll need to up­gade to a Feat­ure Page to manage this yourself.
Can I ex­tend my time?
You can renew to keep going.
Can I up­grade my page?
Yes, up­grade your page to sell prod­ucts, have mem­bers, post events, run com­petit­ions and more.
Can I up­grade later?
Yes, we'll keep your page for up to 12 months in case you need it.
Will I lose anyth­ing?
Nope. The page con­t­ents, com­­ments, recommendat­ions etc will remain.
Park­ed pages?
Your page can be park­ed for up to 12 months. It won't be visible to the public, but you can access it. You'll need to be signed-in to do this.

Article updated 01/04/2022

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Featured Business

Just start­ing out or want more atten­tion? Get an advertori­al featur­ed with photo, article and pro­duct pro­mo­tion for 30 days. Works with ex­­ist­ing Facebook page or web­­site.

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Featured Business
Featured your business for 30 days
Featured Business
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