Cheynes Beach

Cheynes Beach

Cheyne Beach is the orig­inal site of whal­ing in Albany.

Fisher­men have used the area since the 1840s and form­ed Albanys first whal­ing busi­ness there in 1920 before relocat­ing to Frenchman's Bay in 1952.

Near Many­peaks, a short drive through the anci­ent beau­ty of Way­chinicup Nation­al Park will bring you to the small settle­ment of Cheyne Beach, an ex­cell­ent spot for camp­ing, fish­ing, boat­ing, 4-wheel driv­ing, bush walk­ing, swim­ming, snorkell­ing and just gett­ing away from it all.

Camp­ing is restrict­ed in areas and campfires are not per­mitt­ed, however the Cheynes Beach Caravan Park pro­vides camp­site and chalet acc­ommoda­tion, includ­ing a campers kitchen.  Free gas BBQs , picnic tables and day park­ing are at multi­ple sites so you can find the per­fect spot for lunch.  Public toi­lets are avail­able at either end of the main beach and pets are welcome on a leash, however there is no mobile phone cover­age.

Cheyne Beach is the orig­inal site of whal­ing in Albany.  Fisher­men have used the area since the 1840s

The caravan park has a small shop that pro­vides food, bait and alcohol, but it recommend­ed that you bring most of your own sup­pl­ies.  Way­chinicup Camp­ing grounds, Bettys Beach and Normans Beach are all great nearby sites to check out and per­fect for natur­al camp­ing.

The Cheynes Beach Road turnoff is locat­ed 9km N/NE of Many­peaks on the South Coast High­way.  Follow it all the way to the end and enjoy the view of Mount Many­peaks itself and Way­chinicup Nation­al Park on the way.

updated 01/11/2019