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Visit Albany is de­signed simp­ly, to prom­ote Albany.

We want visitors to stay longer. We en­courage them to by show­ing them how beautiful the Re­gion is, that it has a rich and vibr­ant history and that it's full of in­terest­ing things to see and do. We use storytell­ing to gener­ate in­terest and pro­vide in­form­ation they may need when they visit, in­clud­ing services offered by local businesses.

The tourism part we pro­vide. Businesses that pro­vide accommod­ation, shop­ping and services join the site as advertisers.

Prom­o­tion is done gent­ly and based on nat­ural in­terest rather than track­ing or cookies. Visitors see suggestions like nearby sights, activi­ties or places to eat, that are re­lev­ant to what they are look­ing it.

Tourist pages have a single advert from a local business. Business pages have no ads at all. Fewer adverts help visitors be more re­cept­ive, and therefore ads more effect­ive.

Business can have their own page, written in an 'advertorial' style, with a re­view, photos, open hours, pric­ing, con­tact de­tails, map loc­ation and an en­quiry form.

An en­quiry arrives as an em­ail with all the in­form­ation to re­spond direct­ly. The business negoti­ates the best deal to suit the visitor and makes the sale. We do not take any com­missions. No one is forced through an auto­ma­ted system and there is noth­ing to upd­ate onl­ine.

The web­site is a pro­ject of Fam­ily Tech Pty Ltd, an in­de­pend­ent IT com­pany loca­ted in Albany, West­ern Australia.

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Neil McKnight

Neil McKnight

Neil McKnight
Heather Brown

Neil McKnight
Heather Brown
Lois McKnight

Fam­ily Tech Pty Ltd

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Article updated 07/05/2017.