National Park Fees

National Park Fees

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Most National Parks re­quire a Day Pass for en­try with additional fess for cam­ping.

Day en­try passes can be purchased at all parks where en­try fees app­ly. No fee is pay­able if a park is ent­ered on foot or bicycle.

Day Pass Standard Concess
Motorcycle $6.00 $6.00
Vehicle up to 12 occupants $12.00 $6.00
Vehicle over 12 occupants $5.50 per per­son 6 yrs+ $1.70 per per­son

Priv­ate vehicles with up to 12 leg­ally sea­ted occupants, in­clud­ing the driver, may en­ter more than one park on the same day with a single day en­try pass.

Extended Passes
Extended per­iod passes are valid for one vehicle with up to 12 occupants. The fee covers access to all parks in the same re­gion.

Extended Pass Valid For Standard Concess
Holiday Visitor Pass 4 weeks $44.00 $44.00
Annual Visitor Pass 1 year $88.00 $55.00
Lo­cal Re­sid­ent Pass 1 year $22.00 $22.00

Cam­ping Fees
If cam­ping in a park, a day en­try pass for the day of arrival is valid for the dur­ation of the stay. Cam­ping fees app­ly in addi­tion to park en­try fees and are pay­able per per­son, per night.

Cam­ping fees do not app­ly for children aged 5 years and younger.

Some campgrounds can be booked in adv­ance. For these, pay­ment must be made in full at the time of book­ing. For non-book­ing campgrounds, fees are paid at the park it­self.

Campground Facilities Adult 16+ Concess Child 6 - 15
With no facili­ties or only basic facilities $7.50 $5.50 $2.50
With ablutions or showers, camp kitchens or picnic shelters $10 $6.60 $2.20

Day Passes are also avail­able at these locations:

  • Depart­ment of Parks and Wildlife, 120 Albany High­way.
  • Albany Visitor Centre, 55 Pro­udlove Parade.
  • Bluff Knoll Cafe, 8620 Chester Pass Rd, Amelup.
  • Bre­mer Bay Com­mun­ity Re­source Centre, Mary Street.
  • Discov­ery Bay, French­man Bay Road, Albany.
  • Mt Barker Visitor Centre, 622 Albany High­way.
  • Porongurup Shop, 1972 Porongurup Road.

Article updated 01/11/2016.