Display Advertising

Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.

Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.668 x 380 px. 107.0 Kb.

Dis­play Advertis­ing drives more traffic to your web page.

These anima­ted, eye-catch­ing advert­ise­ments appear through­out the Visit Albany web­site, in­clud­ing the front page. Priced as pay-per-view they allow you to con­trol ex­act­ly how much you want to spend, know­ing how many times your advert has been dis­played.

All advert­ise­ments are for local businesses, just like yours. This makes them im­medi­ately more meaningful to visitors.

Adverts are dis­played in strict rot­ation. Visitors see a fresh advert on every page, mak­ing advertis­ing more appeal­ing and thus more like­ly to get their atten­tion.

Display Advertis­ing can link to any web­site, so it's per­fect if you already have a web­site elsewhere.

With only 1 advert per page, your advert is the only one a visitor will see. This simplifies their dec­ision mak­ing and re­moves un­necess­ary com­peti­tion.

Visit Albany does not use track­ing cookies, mak­ing it a more friend­ly site for visitors.

Dis­play Advertis­ing can link to any web­site, so it's per­fect if you already have a web­site elsewhere and just want to advert­ise your business.

Adverts do not appear on business pages as to avoid un­necess­ary com­peti­tion.

Features Inc
Anima­ted, eye-catch­ing advert
On­ly 1 advert­ise­ment per page
Includes front page ex­posure
Can appear through­out the site
Can target just one section
Can target just one page
Automatic advert rotation
Sim­ple, pay per view pricing
Click­able, links to any website


Impression Packs Per View Price
Starter Pack (Advert + 10,000) 5c $55.00
Add 1,000 5c $5.00
Add 5,000 4.5c $22.50
Add 20,000 4c $80.00
Add 50,000 3.5c $175
Add 100,000 3c $300

Starter Pack: $55, in­cludes 10000 views to start. The time your advert will be vis­ible will vary accord­ing to the number of ads curr­ent­ly in rot­ation and the total traffic to the Visit Albany web­site.

Article updated 13/12/2018.