Display Advertising

Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.

Advertise site-wide to drive traffic to your page.668 x 380 px. 107.0 Kb.

Dis­play Advertis­ing drives more traffic to your web page.

These anima­ted, eye-catch­ing advert­ise­ments appear through­out the Visit Albany website, in­clud­ing the front page. Priced as pay-per-view they allow you to con­trol ex­act­ly how much you want to spend, know­ing how many times your advert has been dis­played.

All advert­ise­ments are for local businesses, just like yours. This makes them im­medi­ately more meaningful to visitors.

Adverts are dis­played in strict rota­tion. Visitors see a fresh advert on every page, making advertis­ing more appeal­ing and thus more like­ly to get their atten­tion.

Display Advertis­ing can link to any website, so it's per­fect if you already have a website elsewhere.

With only 1 advert per page, your advert is the only one a visitor will see. This simplifies their dec­ision making and re­moves un­necess­ary com­peti­tion.

Visit Albany does not use track­ing cookies, making it a more friend­ly site for visitors.

Dis­play Advertis­ing can link to any website, so it's per­fect if you already have a website elsewhere and just want to advert­ise your business.

Adverts do not appear on business pages as to avoid un­necess­ary com­peti­tion.

Features Inc
Animated, eye-catching advert
Only 1 advertisement per page
Includes front page exposure
Can appear throughout the site
Can target just one section
Can target just one page
Automatic advert rotation
Simple, pay per view pricing
Clickable, links to any website


Impression Packs Per View Price
Starter Pack (Advert + 10,000) 5c $55.00
Add 1,000 5c $5.00
Add 5,000 4.5c $22.50
Add 20,000 4c $80.00
Add 50,000 3.5c $175
Add 100,000 3c $300

Starter Pack: $55, in­cludes 10000 views to start. The time your advert will be visible will vary accord­ing to the number of ads curr­ent­ly in rota­tion and the total traffic to the Visit Albany website.

Article updated 13/12/2018.