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Sensational South Coast

The Sensa­tion­al South Coast covers the areas surround­ing Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker and Walpole.

We offer a range of services to pro­mote local organisat­ions and attract visitors to the region.  Our Free Com­mun­ity Direct­ory lists local businesses and com­mun­ity groups in easy to navig­ate topics.

We've also includ­ed a large amount of tour­ist info­rma­tion for visitors, with attract­ive souvenir post­cards and fridge mag­nets for visitors to take home as a keepsake.

To help encour­age people to Shop Local, we pro­vide Dis­play Advert­ing for businesses wish­ing to advert­ise to our reader­ship, and Featur­ed Busi­ness pages for those wish­ing to pro­vide in-depth info­rma­tion and sell prod­ucts on-l­ine.