Betty's Beach

Betty's Beach

Betty's Beach near Many­peaks, is named after Betty Jones, born circa 1919, who often visit­ed the area to go camp­ing and fish­ing with her family.

The beach is locat­ed on a small, pro­tect­ed bay, with a white sandy beach and natur­al granite rock form­at­ions.  The views over­look­ing the ocean are quite pictur­esque and a pleas­ant place to relax and enjoy the scen­ery.  The beach is suit­able for beach walk­ing, swim­ming and fish­ing.

Ex­pect to catch Herr­ing, Whit­ing, Skippy, Salmon, Flathead, Silver Bream and occa­sion­ally, Sampson Fish.  Best fish­ing is near the rock form­at­ions and the small island.  Please take care and observe safe­ty signs in the area.

Betty's Beach features a free to use natur­al camp­ing site with public toi­lets, day park­ing, picnic benches and waste bins.  Fires are not per­mitt­ed at any time and pets must be on a leash.  Camp­ing is limit­ed to 7 days maximum.  You will need to supply your own power and water.  There is no mobile phone cover­age.  Generators may only be used between 7.30 am and 10.00 pm.

From Febru­ary 15th until April 30th, the beach is a designat­ed com­merci­al fish­ing zone and access may be limit­ed.

Betty's Beach features a free to use natur­al camp­ing site.

Betty's Beach is locat­ed between Two Peoples Bay and Norman Beach, some 49 km from Albany.  To reach the camp­ing site, travel along South Coast High­way approxim­ately 35 km to Homestead Road, turn right and con­tinue 14.5 km to the end.

Nearby Norman's Beach and East Bay Beach can also be reach­ed from Homestead Road.  Both have camp­ing areas, ex­cell­ent scen­ery and are acc­ess­ible by norm­al vehicles.

updated 01/11/2019