View from Rotary Lookout

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Rotary Lookout

Rotary Look­out offers un­in­terrup­ted pan­ora­mic views of King George Sound, Ataturk Ent­r­ance and Middle­ton Beach.

The Look­out is a popular spot for visitors, with oustand­ing views and landmarks visible for many kilometres in several directions. A plaque de­scribes the landmarks and islands visible in the dist­­ance.

The look­out links to the popular Ellen Cove Boardwalk

Between June and October, South­ern Right Whales are re­gular­ly spot­ted in the Sound, sometimes quite close to the shore. A coin opera­ted binocular is pro­vided to give the best views.

The look­out links to the popular Ellen Cove Boardwalk, which follows the coast from Middle­ton Beach to the Town Centre. A moder­ate walk will take you to nearby Ataturk Statue, Point King Lighthouse and re­mains of the Plantag­ent Batt­ery.

Con­struc­ted by Rotary Club of Albany, the look­out was offici­ally opened by Noel Semmens, Director WA De­part­ment of Tourism on 19th June 1975.

Now part of Albany Herit­age Park Pre­cinct, the look­out has re­c­ent­ly been upgraded with more con­veni­ent park­ing, better view­ing facili­ties and new in­form­ational sign­age.

Rotary Look­out is easi­ly acc­ess­ible with con­veni­ent park­ing, just 3.5 km from the centre of Albany, along Marine Drive.

Article updated 31/07/2016.