Sand Patch

Sand Patch

Sand Patch Beach has spect­acular coast­al views and is locat­ed next to the Albany Wind Farm, just 8 km from Albany.

Once a popular surf­ing and fish­ing beach stretch­ing 17 km from Sharp Point to Hang­ing Rock, Sand Patch is now a remn­ant of its former self.  Receiv­ing the full force of the southw­est swell, much of the orig­inal beach has erod­ed, leav­ing a collec­tion of dis­joint­ed rocky out­crops and very little sand.

A wooden staircase leads down to the beach proper.  It is quite steep and around 500 steps.

Deep water, a healthy salmon popula­tion and numer­ous beach breaks, makes Sand Patch popular with fisher­men and surfers, despite its hazards.  The swell is often large, there are sever­al reefs, rips and the possibil­ity of sharks.  Sand Patch is not suit­able for swim­ming.

From the Albany Wind Farm, a short 100-metre walk takes to the Sand Patch look­out.  The view along the coastl­ine is breathtak­ing, with a brac­ing wind a remin­der of the nearby Wind Farm.  Inter­pre­t­ive sign­age tells the story of the region.

A wooden staircase, a short dist­­ance away leads down to the beach proper.  It is quite steep and around 500 steps with platforms are pro­vid­ed on the way to rest and take in the views.

As the Bibbul­man Track passes through the area, there are sever­al walk­ing paths to ex­plore.  Most seasons you will find wildflowers and native orchids to admire.

From French­man Bay Road, follow the signs to Albany Wind Farm.  Sand Patch Beach look­out is a short 100-metre walk from the carpark.  The view from the look­out is worthwh­ile, the trip down and up the stair­way to the beach itself will require a reason­able degree of fitness.

updated 01/11/2019