Sample Community Page

Test Community Page

This is a page to test the func­tion­al­ity of com­mun­ity group pages.

Com­mun­ity Pages are similar to busi­ness pages but feat­ure advert­ise­ments and do not appear in the what's nearby searches.

They also feat­ure notice boards that register­ed users can post messages and make enquir­ies about them.  Noticeboards hold up to 18 messages and can be either public or priv­ate.  A mess­age can be edit­ed by the person who post­ed it, but will auto­mat­ic­ally ex­pire after 30 days.

Each Com­mun­ity Page has an owner who is also a register­ed user.  The owner can post up to the limit of the notice board.  If the noticeboard is public, other people can make 1 post each, to allow others to share space.  If the noticeboard is priv­ate, only the owner can make and remove posts.

You must be logg­ed in to post, edit or respond to a notice.  You cannot respond to your own notices, nor can you edit some­one else's.  If you find a notice offens­ive you can report it and the notice will be hidden from view.  If you get report­ed too many times you will be bann­ed from post­ing.

updated 13/10/2023


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