Display Ads

Display Ads

Advert­ise directly to people who live in or are plann­ing to visit the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

Advertising features:

  • only for businesses local to our region, no outside ads
  • links to any existing web site or Facebook page
  • control where and when to show your advert
  • limit your daily spend, who sees your advert
  • prominent ads, just 1 advert per page
  • no extra for front page advertising
  • create a D-I-Y advert from a flyer
  • premium animated ads available
  • preset settings to get you going
  • advanced controls available
  • simple, pay per view pricing
  • detailed, real-time statistics
  • low cost, starting from $5

Our independ­ent ad network allows only local businesses to advert­ise.  There are no out­side advertisers.

Adverts require Ad Credits to run, start­ing from $5 per 1000 views, with dis­counts for larger quanti­ties.  DIY adverts do not include Ad Credits.

Create your own advert:

  • sign in - you may need to register first
  • tap My Adverts to see your advertising
  • tap Add DIY Advert to make a new advert
  • upload a flyer or image to use as the ad
  • fill in rest of the form
  • you'll need to buy some Ad Credits to show your ad

Once approv­ed, your advert will appear online.  You can up­d­ate it at any time.

We can do it for you:

  • send your details to sales@sensationalsouthcoast.com.au
  • tell us when and where you'd like your advert shown
  • include an image to use as your ad
  • we can create artwork for you. Charges may apply

Premium animated ads:

  • send your details to sales@sensationalsouthcoast.com.au
  • we'll contact you to discuss your needs and advertising aims
  • we'll make an eye-catching animated advert for you
  • 10,000 Ad Credits are included to get you started

updated 30/11/2023

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