Marketplace Advertising

Marketplace Advertising
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Marketplace Advertising

Advert­ise directly to people who live in or are plann­ing to visit the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

Advert­ising Features:

  • only for local businesses, no out­side ads
  • pro­min­ent ads, just 1 advert per page
  • no extra for front page advert­ising
  • use a flyer to create a D-I-Y advert
  • pre­m­ium animat­ed ads avail­able
  • simple, pay per view pric­ing
  • links to your ex­­ist­ing web­­site or Facebook page
  • easy set up, advanc­ed con­trol for specific needs
  • con­trols for daily spend
  • real time, detail­ed statistics
  • 80,000+ ads serv­ed every month

Our independ­ent ad network allows only local businesses to advert­ise. There are no out­side advertisers.

You pay for people to see you advert using a simple, pay per view pric­ing model. You are not charg­ed for clicks.

We've made it easy to set up your own DIY advert, using an up­load­ed flyer as the ad, and auto­matic sett­ings that work for most people. Finer con­trol is avail­able to best match your target customers. You'll also need to buy a supply of Ad Credits. These start from just $5 / 1000.

How To Advert­ise

Do it yourself:

Sign in, go to My Adverts, tap Add DIY Advert and fill in the form. Up­load a flyer or image to use as the ad and enter your web­­site as the destina­tion when the ad is click­ed. Once approv­ed, your advert will be online.

We can do it for you:

Like DIY but still need a hand? We'll help set up your ad to match your goals.

Pre­m­ium animat­ed ads:

Send your details to, and we can custom build an eye-catch­ing animat­ed advert for you.

Frequently Asked Quest­ions

What does it cost?
Each advert con­sumes 1 ad credit when dis­play­ed. Your total cost will depend on how often your ad appears.
What is the minimum cost?
You can buy 1000 ad credits for just $5. Cost per credit is cheaper in larger bundles.
Who can advert­ise?
Your busi­ness must be local to the Sensa­tion­al South Coast. We do not advert­ise out­side our region.
Where can I advert­ise?
Most places in the web­­site, includ­ing the front page. Busi­ness Pages don't show adverts.
Can I manage my own ads?
Yes. You'll need an up­grad­ed acc­ount to do this.
Can I make my own advert?
The DIY option lets you un­load a flyer to use as an advert.
Are there animat­ed adverts?
Pre­m­ium adverts can feat­ure anima­tion. Con­tact us to learn more.
When will my ad activ­ate?
As soon as it approv­ed it will appear online. You'll need approv­al each time you change your web link.
Is it hard to set up?
Adverts have default sett­ings to get you start­ed. All other sett­ings are option­al.
Who can see my ad?
Choose every­one, or spec­ify only certain types of visitor.
When will my ad is shown?
Choose anytime, or spec­ify the days and times you prefer.
Where will my ad appear?
Choose anywhere in the web­­site, or set a specific sect­ion or page to target customers.
Can I set an ad campaign?
Man­u­ally start or stop your ad at any time, or spec­ify which dates to show your advert.
How do I con­trol cost?
Con­trol cost by sett­ing a daily limit on how many ads to show.
Can I be the only ad?
If multi­ple ads target the same sect­ion, they share the traffic for that sect­ion. If your ad is the only one, you'll have prior­ity.
Are there statistics?
There are graphs for ads shown, ads click­ed, click-though per­c­ent­age and cost per click.
Is my ad work­ing?
Your statistics will tell you. You can be notifi­ed when some­one clicks you ad.
What if I run out of credits?
Your advert will simply stop. We'll notify you if its runn­ing low.
What about un­us­ed credit?
Credits can be trans­ferr­ed between adverts. They don't ex­pire.
Up­grad­ed acc­ount?
Your acc­ount needs to show your real name and con­tact details to manage your advert­ising.
Local resid­ent?
You must be a local resid­ent to manage advert­ising. Go to My Settings, go to Local­ity and enter a local post­code.

Article updated 01/04/2022

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