Markup Test Page

This page shows some of the markup com­mands avail­able to you to make your articles more attract­ive.

The Basics

You might notice the first sent­ence has larger text. This is to highlight the intro to your article.  You can also add head­ings and sub head­ings as you need.

Anytime you start a new line, a new para­graph is creat­ed.  The text will be spac­ed a little from the pre­v­ious para­graph to make it easier to read.  Just keep typing, lett­ing the words wrap in the text area, until you've finish­ed your train of thought.  The press enter.

Sub Headings

These allow you to branch off to another, but some­what less im­port train of thought.

Don't quote me, but a horizontal rule can put a nice break into your story when there is a jump in theme.- A happy user

Lists of things..

There's a lot you can do with your article.  Here's some features:

  • You can add headings
  • You can add horizontal rules
  • You can have lists, like this one
  1. Or you can number them like this
  2. and this
Can you do FAQ style questions?
Of course you can!
Are they hard to ?
They're just like another list.
Are ttere any hidden features?
Nope 😉

Tables are a handy feat­ure too.  For ex­am­ple we can do this with­out too much trouble.

Can add markup to your articles
Offer free listings to every business
No commission when you sell online
Best Overall?5%

Lining to other pages

Every page here has a un­ique id.  You can use that to send visitors to other pages for more info­rma­tion.

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Random stuff

The follow­ing quote will change each time the page loads.

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updated 06/08/2023