Waychinicup National Park

Waychinicup National ParkNeil McKnight
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Waychinicup National Park

Way­chinicup Nation­al Park is a popular spot for fish­ing, canoe­ing and swim­ming and is ex­tremely scenic, with un­usu­al granite rock form­at­ions.

While the tumbl­ed granite form­at­ions found along both sides of the Way­chinicup River inlet and along the coast make for great scen­ery, the park also offers flora that is possibly the most diverse in West­ern Australia.

Way­chinicup is awash with colour­ful wildflowers during the spring from mid­-August to mid­-November. Whales can occa­sion­ally be spott­ed from the shore between June and Dec­ember.

Campground facili­ties include a shad­ed camp­ing area, gas barbeques and toilet block. Spaces are limit­ed, however, and these are small and not suit­able for caravans or trailers.

Drink­ing water is not avail­able at the campground, so bring a supply with you. To pro­tect the rare flora at the loca­tion, campfires are not per­mitt­ed at any time. Com­fort­able acc­ommoda­tion is also avail­able at the nearby Cheyne Beach Caravan Park, just out­side the park.

Way­chinicup Park can be ex­tremely hot from November to April, so wear sun pro­tec­tion and be aware of the risk of forest fires. Occa­sion­ally, some roads and recrea­tion sites may be temp­orar­ily clos­ed with­out notice. Winter can be cold at night as this is when the region ex­peri­ences most of its rainfall.

The gravel road off Cheyne Beach Road is suit­able for two-wheel drives when dry, but can become flood­ed in winter and acc­ess­ible only by four-wheel drive. Take care as the road can be narrow and has speed humps for water drain­age.

Waychinicup, popular for fish­ing, canoe­ing and swim­ming, is awash with wildflowers during the spring.

The name Way­chinicup is deriv­ed from Nyoongar words for 'place of the emu', first appear­ing on maps in 1877. The park ex­tends from Normans Beach and the Way­chinicup River mouth to Cheynes Beach.

Com­merci­al operators pro­vide a range of nature and sightsee­ing tours to the area.

Article updated 08/01/2021

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