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Magnetic Peg Fridge Magnets

Wild West Photo­graphy wants to share the beau­ty of WA wildflowers with these handy Mag­netic Peg Fridge Mag­nets.

Photo­graph­ed by Heather Brown, these im­ages of stunn­ing WA wildflowers per­fectly capt­ure the essence of the incr­ed­ible native flora of the region, with­out studio arrange­ment or heavy edit­ing.

Mag­netic Pegs are an attract­ive way to organ­ise your day, allo­w­ing im­port­ant papers or art to be clipp­ed securely to your fridge.  There are over 50 designs to choose from, each featur­ing a high qual­ity wildflower image and strong mag­netic base.

Mag­netic Pegs make a useful and thought­ful gift for anyone who enjoys nature.  Giant Mag­nets Pegs are also avail­able.

Sharing the natural beauty of WA wildflowers- Heather Brown

Mag­netic Pegs are avail­able online and from independ­ent retailers through­out the region.  Wholesale enquir­ies are welcome.

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updated 28/12/2023

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Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo

Giant Magnetic Peg Deal

2 x Any Giant Magnetic Pegs

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Peg Trio

Small Magnetic Peg Deal

3 x Any Small Magnetic Pegs

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Perfect Pair

Perfect Pair

Small and large peg deal.

Any Small Magnetic Pegs + Any Giant Magnetic Pegs

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