Noticeboard How To...

Notices post­ed by mem­bers may be up­dat­ed at any time.  As such, Sensa­tion­al South Coast cannot take responsibil­ity for their con­t­ent or acc­uracy.  The owner of note is respons­ible for con­tact­ing you about your enquiry.

Who can see the noticeboard?
Everyone can read notices, signed in or not.
Who can post a note?
You must be signed in to post a note. Some noticeboards limit how many notes you can post. Some noticeboards are private and only the owner can post there.
Who is responsible for the contents of a note?
The person who posted the note is responsible how an item or service is portrayed, it's quality or suitability for any purpose. Report a note as inappropriate if obviously false.
Why can't I post a note?
You won't be able to post if are not signed in, if the board is full, or if you've already posted your limit for that board.
How do I respond to a note?
Tap the Enquire button. Your details will be sent to the owner of the note so they can contact you.
What gets sent when I respond?
The owner of the note will receive an email with your username, email address and what you are enquiring about.
How long do I wait for a response?
The note owner may take time to respond. Allow 24 hours before enquiring again.
Why can't I see the Enquire button?
The button is shown only if you're signed in. If the note is yours, you will see an Edit button to update your note instead.
How do I make a note?
Look for the Noticeboard tab in the sidebar. Tap it to open the Note Editor. Fill in the details and add an image if you like. Tap Save when done.
How do I update my note?
Look for your note and tap the Edit button. Use the Note Editor to update the details. Tap Save when done.
How do I add a picture?
While editing the note, tap the Image button and choose an image or take a photo. It will be resized for you.
How long to notes last?
Notes expire after 30 days, even if you update it.
How do I remove my note?
Tap the Edit button to open the Note Editor. Tap Delete to remove it.
How I report inappropriate content?
Tap the Report button on a note. The note will be hidden.
How do I fix a reported note?
Edit your note and update it. Tap Save when done. Your note will be visible again.
What happens if I keep getting reported?
After being reported 3 times, posting will be disabled until we investigate why.
What happens if I report lots of people?
After reporting 3 people, reporting will be disabled until we investigate why.
How do I get a refund?
Any transaction you make as part of an enquiry, is between you and the note owner. This limits how we can assist with refunds.
Where did my note go?
Notices naturally expire after 30 days. Sensational South Coast may remove content it deems inappropriate. Posting functions are provided 'as is' and errors or omissions may occur.

updated 11/04/2021