Privacy Policy

The web site is operat­ed by Sensa­tion­al South Coast, ACN 67 129 024 577, locat­ed in Albany, West­ern Australia.

This policy out­lines our ongo­ing obligat­ions on how we manage your Per­son­al Info­rma­tion.

The Nation­al Privacy Principles (NPPs) govern how we collect, use, dis­close, store, secure and dis­pose of your Per­son­al Info­rma­tion.  A copy of these can be obtain­ed from


Sensa­tion­al South Coast is an online marketplace that con­nects buyers and sellers.  All trans­act­ions for goods and services occur directly between the buyer and seller.  The seller then con­tacts you about bill­ing and any other issues.

You con­s­ent for us to collect per­son­al info­rma­tion to allow these trans­act­ions to occur, and pass this info­rma­tion to the other party as need­ed.  Third part­ies will have their own polic­ies regard­ing your per­son­al info­rma­tion.

To help pre­v­ent ident­ity theft, we do not ask for or record your date of birth, home address, driver's license, passport, credit card or bank­ing details.

Your Per­son­al Info­rma­tion is stor­ed in a manner that reasonably pro­tects it from misuse, loss or from un­author­ised access, modifica­tion or dis­clos­ure.

Anonymous Use

You may use our web site anonymously, with­out register­ing or sign­ing in.  No cookie will be sent to your device.  Some features may not be avail­able anonymously.

We record statisti­cal info­rma­tion about your visit, such as your IP address, the page you visit­ed and the date and time.

Basic Sign-In

To sign-in you must first register.  We will ask for a username, password and a work­ing email address.  No other per­son­al info­rma­tion is requir­ed.  A cookie will be sent to your device when you sign-in.  We will record info­rma­tion to manage your visit and for gener­al statistics.  You may change your username, password and register­ed email address if requir­ed.  Features need­ing your real ident­ity may be restrict­ed.  Your username will be visible to every­one.

Real Identity

Some features require your real ident­ity.  In addi­tion to your username and email address, we will collect your real name and phone number, and option­ally, your post­code.

Communications Between Users

Chat messages, posts, notices and com­­ments dis­play your username.  If you enquire about a post from another user, they will rece­ive your username and email address to con­tact you.

Communicating With a Business

Trans­act­ing with a busi­ness requires your real ident­ity.  If not already pro­vid­ed, you can supply this during the order pro­cess.  Your real ident­ity will be sent to the busi­ness to pro­cess your order.  They will con­tact you directly for bill­ing and any other require­ments.

Member's Only Areas

For the pro­tec­tion of other mem­bers, you will need to pro­vide your real ident­ify to every page you ask to join.  The page owner will rece­ive your real ident­ity, and may down­load and store this info­rma­tion to manage your mem­ber­ship.  The page owner has con­trol over what features or benefits are avail­able to mem­bers.  Mem­ber­ship features require your real ident­ity to be avail­able at all times.

Removing Information

You may remove info­rma­tion you no longer want to share.  You may up­d­ate or delete your real ident­ity and any im­ages, posts, notices, com­­ments or events you have creat­ed.


Ex­cept as out­lin­ed above, we do not dis­close or sell your per­son­al info­rma­tion to third part­ies.

You may requ­est access to info­rma­tion we hold about you to up­d­ate it or correct it.  We may require identifica­tion from you before relea­sing it.

We will dis­close per­son­al info­rma­tion to law enforce­ment if requir­ed to do so.

This policy may change from time to time.

updated 11/07/2023