Stirling Terrace Indoor Markets

Stirling Terrace Indoor MarketsNeil McKnight
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Stirling Terrace Indoor Markets

Stirl­ing Terrace Indoor Markets are an open plan indoor markets featur­ing a varie­ty of regular and pop up stalls, with prod­ucts that cater to all ages and inter­ests.

Open Thursday to Sunday and on Public Holiday and cruise ships visits between 9.00 am and 3.00pm, the markets are a relax­ing destina­tion for the whole family.


Ex­tend­ed hours during school holidays, con­veni­ent park­ing and every­thing under­cover, makes the markets ideal at any time of year.

Inside you'll browse the ever chang­ing range of locally prod­uc­ed crafts, un­ique hand-made cloth­ing and art. You'll find gifts, homewares, anti­ques, collectables, toys, DVDs and much more.

  • Toys, books, CDs and DVDs
  • Un­ique gifts and homewares
  • Dreamcatchers, 5D anim­al pictures
  • Incense, crystals, heal­ing stones
  • Paint­ings and charco­al draw­ings
  • Anti­ques and collectibles
  • Handmade hats and knitwear
  • Face paint­ing for the kids
  • Baby dolls, doll cloth­ing
  • Childrens clothes
  • Salt lamps and dec­orat­ions
  • Local art and ceramics
  • Tupperware and kitchenware
  • Wooden pict­ure frames
  • Wooden furnit­ure and benches
  • Pop up stalls

The Indoor Markets are locat­ed on Stirl­ing Terrace, in the former Home Hardware build­ing, with ample park­ing just out­side. Entry is free. The markets are a proud sup­porter of the Albany Hospice.

Article updated 04/07/2019.