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Free Community Directory

Our Com­mun­ity Direct­ory is a free direct­ory list­ing service for businesses and com­mun­ity groups local to the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

Our direct­ory is group­ed into 16 broad categor­ies such as Acc­ommoda­tion, Pro­fes­sion­al Services, Tradespeo­ple, Com­mun­ity Groups and more. Each categ­ory is sort­ed alpha­betic­ally and tabb­ed into pages for easy access.

A free list­ing can show your organisation's name, address, phone number, email address, web address and a short descrip­tion of what you do. List­ings are fully search­able and have click­able links for email addresses and web pages. Currently we have over 2,400 list­ings cover­ing the region.

Our Com­mun­ity Direct­ory is free to local businesses and com­mun­ity groups.

We built our direct­ory by physic­ally search­ing for businesses locat­ed through­out Albany, Denmark, Mount Barker and Walpole, then using publicly avail­able info­rma­tion to com­plete each list­ing. Where poss­ible we've includ­ed web­sites, email addresses and Facebook pages. As such, you may already be list­ed in our direct­ory.

While we regularly up­d­ate this info­rma­tion during the year, we may not have every­one list­ed, or some­­thing may be out of date. If you see some­­thing isn't right, just let us know. Correct­ions are welcome.

If you're a registered visitor you can also manage your own listings. Just Sign In, then go to Directory Listings to create or update your listing. If you find you're already listed, tell us and we'll make sure you can manage it yourself.

List­ing Features

  • Your busi­ness name
  • Street address
  • Local­ity, Town & Post­code
  • Phone number
  • Email address link
  • Web­­site or Facebook link
  • Short descrip­tion of what you do
  • Plac­ed in a suit­able categ­ory
  • List­ed alpha­betic­ally


Free for businesses and com­mun­ity groups in the Sensa­tion­al South Coast.

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Article updated 22/11/2020.

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