Featured Business

Featured Business668 x 380 px. 71.1 Kb.


Featured Business

The featured business pack­age prom­otes your business in a friend­ly, in­teract­ive mag­azine-style layout.

With a large photo and 300-word de­scrip­tion, there's plenty of space to say what you need.

In­form­­ation on pric­ing, open­ing hours, how to con­tact you etc, have their own drop-down sections that don't clutter up the screen. If your business is an activ­ity you can add suitabil­ity and fitness in­form­­ation.

To make you easier to find, we cross-promote your page when visitors view nearby attractions or other business types. For ex­am­ple, If you have acc­ommod­ation they will see nearby shop­ping or dining, but not other acc­ommod­ation. You can also use Sponsorship Advertis­ing to get more traffic.

Customers con­tact you directly... the sale is between you and them... no com­miss­ion fees.

Customers con­tact you direct­ly using the built-­in re­quest form. You re­ce­ive an email with their name, email address, mobile number, and what they are in­teres­ted in. The sale is between you and them. There are no com­miss­ion fees or any need to in­form us about availabil­ity.

Customers find your page using a summ­ary card in an appropri­ate category. This is search­able and can be multi­-lis­ted if re­quired.

Standard Pack­age in­cludes...

  • Summ­ary card in single category
  • Business name
  • Large colour photo
  • 300-word mag­a­zine style article
  • Pric­ing and con­ditions panel
  • Trad­ing hours panel
  • Address de­tails panel
  • Con­tact de­tails panel - phone, mobile, email, website
  • In­teract­ive map panel
  • Photo gall­ery - up to 8 slides
  • Direct custo­mer re­quest form
  • Rating and com­­ments panel
  • Suitabil­ity & Fitness panel
  • What's Nearby - cross prom­o­tion
  • Can add special offer / coupon
  • Can be ex­panded to multi­ple pages
  • Can be multi­-lis­ted - extra categories
  • Can add sponsor advert­ing to drive traffic
  • No com­miss­ion fees payable
  • No additional mem­bership fees
  • No updat­ing availabil­ity re­quired


Cost is $20 per month, paid annu­ally.

Article updated 13/08/2018.

Products & Services

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  • Custom Made
    Dsiplay Advertising

    Pro­mote your business with eye catch­ing dis­play ads. Per­fect if you already have a website or Facebook page. In­cludes 10,000 im­pre­ssions to get you star­ted.

    Dsiplay Advertising
    Starter pack
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  • Custom Made
    Featured Business

    Pro­mote your business in a friend­ly, in­teract­ive mag­azine-style layout.

    Featured Business
    Annual subscription
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  • Custom Made
    Promotional Magnets

    Set of 50 fridge mag­nets to pro­mote your business. Supp­ly your own artwork or we can de­sign it for you.

    Promotional Magnets
    Set of 50
    Add Your Business!


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