Jetty as seen from the Boardwalk.

Jetty as seen from the Boardwalk.Neil McKnight688 x 380 px. 68.8 Kb.


Ellen Cove Jetty

The Ellen Cove Jetty is a popular swimm­ing and fish­ing spot, and an iconic part of Ellen Cove featured in many photo­graphs of the area.

The Jetty was orig­in­ally built in 1900 as an altern­ative to off-load supplies and stock, as some larger ships could not navig­ate the ent­r­ance to Princess Royal Harbour and use the main port. Once port facili­ties im­proved the jetty was no longer used for this purpose.

In 1958, the ageing jetty was already in need of re­pair when it was further damaged by a bad storm. While re­pairs were made, a partial collapse in 1965 that near­ly in­jured several local swimmers caused a public outcry.

In 1968, the jetty was re­de­signed and re­built at a cost of $4000 into the struct­ure that stands today.

Today, children enjoy jump­ing into the calm, pro­tec­ted waters of Ellen Cove, and swimm­ing to the nearby float­ing pontoon, placed there during the Summer months.

Budd­ing fishermen can ex­pect to catch squid, herr­ing, trev­ally, flathead and whit­ing on a re­gular basis, making this a popular spot for a fami­ly outing.

Walkers find the short stroll gives them an ex­cell­ent view of the beach, boardwalk and out into Princess Royal Harbour.

Loca­ted between Middle­ton Beach and the Ellen Cove Boardwalk, the Jetty is open all year round and free to use.

Article updated 02/09/2015.