Albany Visitor Centre

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Albany Visitor Centre

The Albany Visitor Centre pro­vides a per­sonal­ised acc­ommod­ation and tour book­ing service for visitors travell­ing to Albany, and will en­s­ure you see the best the re­g­ion has to offer.

Part of the Amaz­ing Albany brand, to posi­tion Albany as one of the top three re­gional de­stinations in WA, the centre is com­plemen­ted by an in­teract­ive web site and on-l­ine book­ing service.

Opera­ted by the City of Albany, the centre was re­furbished in 2006 and pre­s­ents an in­vit­ing, modern in­terior with in­teract­ive dis­plays, a wealth of prin­ted maps and pamphlets, and souvenirs for sale.

Ask for the free Albany Traveller Mag­a­zine to find the best beaches, fish­ing, and surf­ing locations, wineries, national parks, markets and more.

The centre pro­vides a per­sonal­ised acc­ommod­ation and tour book­ing service

The Albany Visitor Centre is loca­ted on Pro­udlove Parade in­side the Old Rail­way Stat­ion, overlook­ing the pictur­esque Princess Royal Harbour. Open daily from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm, ex­cept Christmas day, the friend­ly and knowledge­able staff can assist with all your travel en­quiries.

Article updated 27/07/2015.