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Heather Brown

Heather is wildflower photographer, nature lover and former DEC certified seed collector. With a wealth of local knowledge, her business Wild West Seeds preserves and promotes nature's beauty for all to see.

Contribution: 16 Pictures and 2 Articles.


  • Ellen Cove BoardwalkUpdated: 08/01/2021
    This paved trail takes in the sweeping views of King George Sound in its 3km arc from Middleton Beach to Princess Royal Harbour. Suitable for both walking and cycling, there are ma...
  • Dog RockUpdated: 02/09/2015
    Dog Rock is a large, natural granite formation in the shape of a dog's head, located near the centre of Albany on Middleton Road. Being a natural rock formation, Dock Rock is certa...


  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown200 x 200 px. 11.3 Kb.
  • Albany Wooley Bush
    Albany Wooley Bush320 x 240 px. 34.2 Kb.
  • Albany Classic Car Race
    Albany Classic Car Race668 x 380 px. 72.8 Kb.
  • Wild West Seeds
    Wild West Seeds668 x 380 px. 85.4 Kb.
  • Hibbertia
    Hibbertia320 x 240 px. 22.6 Kb.
  • Hovea
    Hovea320 x 240 px. 25.0 Kb.
  • Donkey Orchid
    Donkey Orchid320 x 240 px. 18.3 Kb.
  • Pink Fairy Orchid
    Pink Fairy Orchid320 x 240 px. 20.8 Kb.
  • Showy Dryandra
    Showy Dryandra320 x 240 px. 26.4 Kb.
  • Southern Cross
    Southern Cross320 x 240 px. 23.1 Kb.
  • Scarlet Banksia
    Scarlet Banksia320 x 240 px. 28.8 Kb.
  • White Banjine
    White Banjine320 x 240 px. 18.7 Kb.