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Sensa­tion­al South Coast pro­motes small busi­ness within Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker and Walpole.

The South coast­al region is a beauti­ful place, with a rich and vibr­ant hist­ory, full of inter­­est­ing things to see and do. It's a great family-friendly holiday destina­tion and we love visitors. Many are attract­ed by the relax­ed lifestyle and opportuni­ties of the area and decide to move here, join­ing the com­mun­ity.

We want to sup­port the local economy, by pro­mot­ing every small busi­ness in the region. Tour­ist relat­ed or not. To that end we <b>only</b> pro­mote businesses local to the area.

We do have a tour­ism com­pon­ent, as bring­ing visitors here is im­port­ant to our economy. But our focus is in link­ing people to the busi­ness that pro­vide goods and services for people that are here. Which, of course, includes visitors.

sensationalsouthcoast.com.au is a local busi­ness in Albany, West­ern Australia.

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Article updated 23/07/2020.

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