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Be a Contributor

We need im­ages of our re­gion's tourist attractions, natural wonders, and local history, to help us pro­mote Albany as a prime tourist de­st­in­ation.

We also need story's that tell the rich herit­age of our historic first settle­ment, how it affec­ted our lives and shaped our future.

In re­turn, we credit you as the author or photo­grapher, with a link to a short bio about you and how to con­tact you if you wish. Un­fortun­ately, we don't pay anyth­ing.

Article Guidelines

We're look­ing for articles that tell an in­terest­ing story.

First­ly, what happened, when, how, and who to, followed by what is there now, how it evolved and why it's in­terest­ing.

Create the de­sire for a visitor to want to see things for themselves, ex­per­i­ence it, find out how the story ends.

We may edit your article to make it fit, en­h­ance the story, correct factual errors or add miss­ing in­form­­ation.

Your article should...

  • Be your own work, not downloaded from a website.
  • In­clude acc­ur­ate facts where facts are used.
  • Tell a story such that a visitor would be in­teres­ted to find out more.
  • Be less than 1900 characters and pre­ferab­ly spell checked.

Photo Guidelines

We want photos that look real, and re­pre­s­ent what a visitor would norm­ally see if they went there.

We're not in­teres­ted in artistic im­ages that use filters, wide angles, zoom lenses, have long ex­posures or show once off events.

We may use all or part of your im­ages, and crop or adjust them as re­quired. An image may appear in several places in our website.

Your photo should...

  • Be your own image, not downloaded from a website.
  • Be a clear image of some­thing in particular, pre­ferab­ly with­out you in it.
  • Be of some­thing that is always there, or happens re­gular­ly, like once a month, or every year.
  • Be a natural look­ing image. Your phone is okay if it has a good camera.
  • Be left as it is. Please don't crop, re­-size, filter or man­ipul­ate it.

Article updated 02/09/2015.