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Hi !

Welcome to the Test Tech­nology Page. This is for test­ing per­son­al­ised articles, just for you. You may see all kinds of oddi­ties in here, depend­ing on what we're test­ing at the inst­ant.

When we write an article about a topic, it becomes obvi­ous at some point that there will be a varie­ty of people read­ing it and that their inter­ests will vary.

For ex­am­ple, this sent­ance might be differ­ent next time you visit this page. Refresh the page to see if it's differ­ent. Yes, we're talk­ing to you!

Also, we could talk about Mount Barker and all the inter­­est­ing stuff you could see there. We might ment­ion the great activi­ties you'll find there, or maybe how its good to un­wind for a couple of days. You might see some whales.

No one needs to call today. Send yourself a remin­der to . Lay back and relax, maybe bring the whole family along!

Historic­ally speak­ing, you aimed the article at a target audi­ence and tried to guess what they want­ed to hear.

A great deal of time has been spent study­ing this, with vary­ing levels of success.

If you were not inter­­est­ed in hist­ory, per­haps you'd skip the pre­v­ious para­graphs. But what if you could just turn them off?

Per­haps you'd like more or less author input? Maybe some em­o­tion­al com­­ments, or per­haps just the facts.

We're sugg­est­ing you can tailor what you read to see as much or as little as you are inter­­est­ed in, with a flick of a dial.

A pro­f­ile of your inter­ests, if you will.

Some­­thing simple like a slider from "not inter­ested" to "yes, please" with a middle step between. One slider for each type of inter­est, in effect, creat­ing articles that ex­actly match what you want to read.

Turn every­thing off, and you get just the summ­ary. Turn things to half, and you'll see the more im­port­ant or recent points of inter­est.

We're test­ing an inter­est pro­f­ile that will allow you to do just that.

We're also plann­ing to add pre­made pro­files for Younger or Old Visitor, and Younger or Older Resid­ent, with a separ­ate sett­ing for Teens, and add-ons for info­rma­tion suit­ed to Children, Pets and Differ­ent Abili­ties.

It's a work in pro­gress.

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My favourite number if between 1 and 6.

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Article updated 21/11/2020.