Shop Local Competitions

Win a prize and help a local business at the same time!

We run com­petitions to that support local businesses, by buying goods and services from them and offer­ing them as prizes.

Here's our theory: We need to advert­ise, like any business. We could spend $50 on a Facebook Ad, which would work, but doesn't help anyone else. In­stead, we spend that same $50 on a voucher for some­thing from a local business, and offer that as a prize. The business gets a sale, you get to win $50 of some­thing useful and we still get our advertis­ing re­sult. Everyone gets some­thing and hopeful­ly keeps local people em­ployed. Much better!

Here's how it works:

  • People tell us what they'd like to win
  • We purchase it from a local business
  • We offer it as a prize to our re­aders
  • Entry is free, but you need to sign in

Prizes are curr­ent­ly chosen by Sensational South Coast. As we get more feedback from our re­aders, prizes should be more specific to what people would like to win. We don't plan to support businesses outside the re­g­ion or large chain stores, un­less run by a local franchisee.

If you have a sugges­tion for a prize, or own a small business and are in­teres­ted in being in­volved, please con­tact us.

FAQs Answers
Does it cost anything to enter? Entry is free.
How many times can I enter? You can enter each competition once.
Do I have to be registered to enter? Yes, you'll need to sign in to enter.
Will I have to agree to a newsletter? No. We'll send you an email if you win.
Does the business donate the prize? Not al all. We buy it from them!
Does the business have to advertise? It's not necessary. They can if they like.
How long do competitions run for? Usually a week. Sometimes this varies.

Article updated 10/08/2019.