About Blinky

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About Blinky

In­troduc­ing Blinky!

Blinky is our mascot. He's here to help you navig­ate around the Visit Albany website. Blinky can do lots of useful things, and he's kinda cute.

  • He can make suggestions for things to see and do.
  • He can help you search for things.
  • He can answer simple questions.
  • He can play simple games.
  • another way to in­teract with our website

Blinky was de­signed to give you another way to in­teract with our website, and help you find what you're look­ing for. He appears on most pages as the first item of the in­form­­ation sidebar.

  • Look for Blinky at the top of the in­form­­ation sidebar.
  • Click the title to open Blinky's window.
  • Use the menu to select what you'd like Blinky to do.
  • For searches or to ask a ques­tion, type in the box.

Article updated 24/08/2019.