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Test Restaurant Page

This is not a real re­staur­ant.

This is a test page for a cata­log add-on we're adding to pages, to see how it re­sponds to differ­ent types of items. Here we're using food.

The cata­log lets you sell a few simple items, which you can add, change and categor­ise as you like. Each item can have an image, de­scrip­tion, price, even a vari­ation like size or colour.

The cata­log allows you to collect orders for items you have for sale, but re­quires you organ­ise paym­ent and de­liv­ery yourself. It's not a full ecommerce system.

The cata­log appear near the bottom of the page, under the photo gall­ery and above the noticeboard if you have one.

We've tried to keep a balance between simplic­ity and func­tion so you can manage it yourself. Things like organis­ing categories and re­si­zing im­ages are done auto­matic­ally for you.

How It Works

The cata­log can hold up to 60 items in total. These are listed alpha­betic­ally as a scroll­ing list of pro­duct cards.

You can group items together into categories, simp­ly by giving them category names. All items with the same category name appear together. Categories are auto­matic­ally crea­ted or re­moved as re­quired.

Prod­ucts are always visible, with prices and options shown, but Visitors must be signed-­in to place an order.

The visitor selects items that in­terests them, adjust the quant­ity and select a vari­ation, if avail­able.

Only these items selec­ted are part of the order. To com­plete the order, they click 'Order Now'.

A shop­ping cart appears show­ing their order, with a simple calcul­ation of pric­ing, and in­structions to ex­pla­in what happens next. Once con­firmed, their order is sent to the page owner for pro­cess­ing, with

a mess­age of success, or if there was a pro­blem.

A few seconds later you re­ce­ive an email with the customer's con­tact de­tails and their choices. You will need to con­tact the custo­mer to arrange paym­ent and de­liv­ery.


  • It's free.
  • It stores up to 60 items.
  • Items can be added and changed at will.
  • Im­ages are auto­matic­ally re­sized for you.
  • Each item has a name, de­scrip­tion, price, and pop up banner.
  • You can make copies of items to add stock quick­ly.
  • You can have one vari­ation per item, such as colour.
  • Items are sorted alpha­betic­ally for you.
  • Items can be grouped into categories.
  • Categories are crea­ted auto­matic­ally for you.
  • Cart will show qty x price and totals.
  • It's fast. No forms to fill out.


  • There is only 1 type of vari­ation per item. Eg Size or Colour, but not both.
  • Only one vari­ation per item, per order. Eg 5 Big, but not 3 Big and 2 Small.
  • Category names must be typed for each item that uses them.
  • Only one price per item. Cart cannot do com­plex math, dis­counts etc.
  • There is no stock con­trol. You can hide out of stock items.
  • Freight can be ignored, set to 'ask', a fixed rate, or Free if over a certa­in amount.
  • An appropri­ate freight mess­age and charge will be shown in the cart.
  • You can specify rough­ly where you de­liver to: Local Only, Re­gional, Australia Wide or In­ternational.
  • A de­liv­ery widget will show your de­liv­ery options and if you are curr­ent­ly open or not.
  • No paym­ent facil­ity is pro­vided. You will need to handle this.
  • You'll get an email with the order de­tails and have to con­tact the custo­mer to arrange paym­ent and de­liv­ery.
  • Visitor must be signed-­in to order.

De­spite limitations, this is still useful if you have few items to sell, the items are un­ique, or you don't need stock con­trol, or where you de­liber­ately want to talk to the custo­mer further.

Article updated 06/03/2019.

Products & Services

  • Delicious Pizza
  • Delicious Seafood
  • Dining
  • Drinks
  • Sides
  • Yummy Desserts
  • Stocked Item
    BBQ Chicken

    Tender chicken, mozzarella, mushrooms & onion on a rich BBQ sauce base, finished with smokey BBQ drizzle.

    6617 kJ
    BBQ Chicken
    Delicious BBQ Chicken
    Sample Food Delivery
  • Stocked Item
    Cheese Lovers

    Lots of tasty cheddar & mozzarella on a tomato sauce base.

    6677 kJ
    Cheese Lovers
    4 Tasty Cheeses
    Sample Food Delivery
  • Stocked Item
    Chicken Supreme

    Tender chicken, mushrooms, juicy pineap­ple, red & green capsicum, mozzarella & onion on a tomato sauce base.

    6345 kJ
    Chicken Supreme
    Sample Food Delivery
  • Stocked Item
    Ham Lovers

    Lots of ham & mozzarella on a tomato sauce base.

    6099 kj
    Ham Lovers
    Sample Food Delivery
  • Stocked Item

    Smoked ham, juicy pineap­ple & mozzarella on a tomato sauce base.

    6145 kJ
    Ham & Pineapple
    Sample Food Delivery
  • Stocked Item
    Super Supreme

    Ham, pepperoni, saus­age, beef, mushrooms, olives, pineap­ple, green capsicum, onion and mozzarella on a tomato sauce base.

    6816 kJ
    Super Supreme
    Famous Super Supreme
    Sample Food Delivery
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