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Heather Brown

Heather is wildflower photographer, nature lover and former DEC certified seed collector. With a wealth of local knowledge, her business Wild West Seeds preserves and promotes nature's beauty for all to see.

Contribution: 16 Pictures and 2 Articles.

Articles by Heather Brown

  • Ellen Cove BoardwalkUpdated: 26/11/2017
    This paved trail takes in the sweeping views of King George Sound in its 3km arc from Middleton Beach to Princess Royal Harbour.^Suitable for both wal...
  • Dog RockUpdated: 02/09/2015
    Dog Rock is a large, natural granite formation in the shape of a dog's head, located near the centre of Albany on Middleton Road.^Being a natural rock...

Photos by Heather Brown

  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown200 x 200 px. 11.3 Kb.
  • Albany Wooley Bush
    Albany Wooley Bush320 x 240 px. 34.2 Kb.
  • Albany Classic Car Race
    Albany Classic Car Race668 x 380 px. 72.8 Kb.
  • Wild West Seeds
    Wild West Seeds668 x 380 px. 85.4 Kb.
  • Hibbertia
    Hibbertia320 x 240 px. 22.6 Kb.
  • Hovea
    Hovea320 x 240 px. 25.0 Kb.
  • Donkey Orchid
    Donkey Orchid320 x 240 px. 18.3 Kb.
  • Pink Fairy Orchid
    Pink Fairy Orchid320 x 240 px. 20.8 Kb.
  • Showy Dryandra
    Showy Dryandra320 x 240 px. 26.4 Kb.
  • Southern Cross
    Southern Cross320 x 240 px. 23.1 Kb.
  • Scarlet Banksia
    Scarlet Banksia320 x 240 px. 28.8 Kb.
  • White Banjine
    White Banjine320 x 240 px. 18.7 Kb.